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Maybe you have a few questions. That’s okay; most people do. Here is a quick collection of some of the questions people ask us, along with our answers. If you still have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We would be happy to answer it for you.

Q:  Will you be listing my house on the MLS or actually buying it?
A:  That’s a fantastic question! Unlike agents, our focus at Elite Offers Realty is on being professional home buyers in . We have specific criteria for the houses we purchase and we do not rely on bank financing, so you can feel confident in our ability to close on a deal. Once we acquire a property, we might restore it and sell it to another homeowner, or choose to keep it as a rental property.

Q: Can I sell my property even if it’s currently tenant-occupied?

A: Yes, you can absolutely sell your property to Elite Offers Realty, even if it’s tenant-occupied. If your tenants are willing to vacate the property, we can work with you to determine a suitable timeline for them to move out, ensuring a smooth transition. However, we will need the house to be vacant before closing.

Q:  Is my information kept confidential?
A:   Yes, we prioritize the confidentiality of your information. All interactions and details shared with Elite Offers Realty are kept secure and private.

Q:  How are you different from a real estate agent?
A: Real estate agents compile a comprehensive inventory of properties and eagerly anticipate potential buyers. If there are interested buyers, the agent arranges property viewings (typically taking 4-6 months to sell property in current markets) and receives a percentage cut from the final sale price upon successfully finding a buyer. Typically, the agent’s commission ranges from 3 to 6% of the house’s selling price. Consequently, if you possess a $100,000 property, you would need to allocate $3,000 to $6,000 towards agent commissions.

Home buyers like us provide a unique service for those who are willing to wait for 4+ months to sell their house and are comfortable with sacrificing a portion of their sale price to cover agent commissions. However, we are unlike traditional agents because we directly purchase your house. By offering an all-cash payment and buying the house from you, we have the flexibility to quickly make a decision to buy your house in just a few days, sometimes even on the same day. Our business model revolves around taking on the risk of buying the house with our own funds, repairing it, and marketing it ourselves to find a buyer.

Looking for this to be broken down further? Here’s a comparison chart to give an overview:

 Selling w/ A AgentSOLD To Elite Offers Realty
Commissions / Fees:Up to 6%, paid by you, the sellerNone
Who Pays Closing Costs?2% on average is paid by you, the sellerWe pay all costs.
Inspection & Financing Contingency*:Yes, sales can fall through.None needed
Appraisal Needed:Yes, the sale is often subject to appraisal.No, we make cash offers.
Average Days Until Sold:+/- 91 DaysWe provide immediate cash offers (48 hours).
Number of Showings:It Depends1 (Just Us)
Closing Date:30-60+/- days after accepting the buyer’s offerThe date of YOUR CHOICE (average 14-30 days).
Who Pays For Repairs?Negotiated during the inspection periodWe pay for all repairs.
*An inspection contingency lets the buyer have time to do an inspection and back out of the sale or negotiate a new price if there are repairs that need to be done. If you can’t come to an agreement with the buyer, the buyer has the right to back out of the sale. Similarly, a financing contingency gives the buyer the wiggle room to back out of the purchase if they can’t obtain a loan or if the home doesn’t appraise for the value that the bank needs to close the loan.

Q:  What areas do you serve?
A:   We primarily operate in Texas and New Jersey. We can buy houses as well anywhere in the U.S. Feel free to contact us to discuss your property and explore how we can assist you.

Q:  Do you pay fair prices for properties?
A:  We often purchase houses at prices below their market value with the intention of reselling them for a profit to other homeowners. Our approach is to seek a fair discount on properties. Based on our experience, many sellers are not necessarily anticipating a significant windfall from the sale. Instead, they appreciate the advantages we offer: cash payment, swift closing without the need for financing, and no requirement of your time, effort, or expense to renovate the property or pay agent fees. If these benefits align with your goals and you appreciate the value of a quick sale, let’s explore if we can reach a mutually beneficial price. Our commitment to no-obligation pricing means that you are not obligated to proceed with our offer, but it is helpful to know what we are proposing.

Q:  How do you determine the price to offer on my house?
A:  We appreciate your question and want to assure you that we believe in transparency. Our process is simple and clear-cut. We analyze factors such as the property’s location, necessary repairs, its current state, and the recent sales value of similar houses in the neighborhood. After carefully assessing all this information, we determine a fair price that is mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

Q:  Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?
A: Here’s what sets us apart from the traditional method of selling your house: we do not charge any fees or commissions when you sell your house directly to us, unlike listing fees that can take up to 6% of your money. If our offer aligns with your expectations, we will purchase your house hassle-free and without charging any additional fees. In many cases, we also cover the closing costs. Our profit is determined after we cover any necessary repairs and successfully sell the house. We assume the risks associated with selling the property for a profit. Once we buy your house, the responsibility becomes ours and you can walk away free from the burden of the property and with cash in hand.

Q:  Is there any obligation when I submit my information?
A: You are under no obligation whatsoever. After providing details about your property, we will assess the situation and possibly schedule a call for further information. Following that, we will present you with a fair all-cash offer, ensuring equity for both parties involved. Ultimately, the decision to sell your house to us is entirely up to you. We respect your autonomy in determining what is best for you.

Q:  Do I need to make repairs before selling?
A:   No, you are not required to make any repairs. We buy houses as-is, saving you the time and money typically associated with pre-sale renovations.

Q: What happens if I have an existing mortgage on the property?

A: If you have an existing mortgage on the property, don’t worry – it’s a common situation, and we are are experienced in handling such cases. When you sell to a cash buyer like Elite Offers Realty, we will work with you to assess the outstanding balance on your mortgage and coordinate the payoff directly with your lender. The proceeds from the sale will go toward settling your mortgage, and any remaining funds will be paid to you. This process is designed to be hassle-free and ensures that your mortgage is taken care of as part of the transaction, allowing for a smooth and stress-free sale.

Q: Do you handle all the legal aspects of the sale?

A: Yes, cash buyers typically handle most of the legal aspects of the sale. When you choose to sell your property to Elite Offers Realty, we have a team of professionals who will guide you through the legal process. They will assist with drafting and reviewing contracts, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and managing the necessary paperwork. This includes tasks such as title searches, escrow arrangements, and closing documentation. Their goal is to make the sale as straightforward as possible for you, handling the legal details to ensure a successful and legally sound transaction.

Q: How do I get started?

A:   Getting started is easy! Simply fill out our online form, and we’ll contact you to discuss your property and explore how we can assist you. You can also give us a call at +1 (281) 809-4041.

Q: Can I trust Elite Offers Realty?

A:  Absolutely. We take pride in our transparency, professionalism, and commitment to providing fair solutions.

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